Good sugar

Our sugar is truly unique. It’s not just the wonderful taste and aroma that sets it apart; it’s also the distinctive colour and texture; it’s the way in which we produce it, with our attention to quality and purity; and, of course, it’s the amazing difference it can make to your cooking.

Just one taste and we think you’ll agree that our sugar is unique.

Why it’s better

The moment you set eyes on the sparkling crystals of Plantation Reserve, you know there’s something special about it. We don’t mess with nature: instead of going through an intensive refining process, such as that used for white and some brown sugars, we carefully and slowly mill the sugar cane to produce coarse and light-coloured crystals with an exceptional taste and aroma. We believe the result is, quite simply, the world’s most exquisite sugar.

Why it’s great in cooking

Your cooking means everything to us. It’s why we’re giving you the best sugar you can get. Use it in baking, dressings and sauces, or simply to sweeten your coffee, tea and cereals. You’ll quickly discover that its unique texture and aroma are great for your cooking. It has a light, fresh taste that sets it apart from the heavier Demerara sugars and there’s none of the metallic aftertaste typical of refined sugar.

What the experts say

People who understand food, love our sugar. Here’s what award-winning UK food and wine writer Richard Erlich had to say about Plantation Reserve: “There’s a caramel-like sweetness to Plantation Reserve and floral notes of honeysuckle. It also has an excellent persistence of flavour with the taste qualities pleasantly remaining on the palate.”

Top food writer Joanna Blythman described Plantation Reserve as being “a unique, straw-coloured sugar with large, sparkling crystals. Stick your nose in a tin and you inhale the most remarkable butterscotch-and-fudge aroma”.