Recipe delights

If you love to cook, you’ll love Plantation Reserve. It is truly a cook’s best friend. From cakes, meringues, shortbread and pastries, to sauces, dressings and desserts, you’ll want to use it every time you set foot in the kitchen.

There’s so much that makes Plantation Reserve a fantastic addition to your store cupboard. Its light, fresh flavour and the gentle aroma of the Caribbean give it a smoothness that simply can’t be found in refined or other raw cane sugar.

And because we know you’ll love Plantation Reserve as much as we do, there’s no limit to its possibilities. Try adding just a small quantity to your tea, coffee and even cocktails to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Oh yes, this is the very best sugar for your cooking. But don’t just take our word for it. Why not try out a few recipes for yourself? We’ve gathered together some of our favourites, including our fabulous Traditional Crème Brulée and our famous Plantation Reserve Rum Punch. We know you’ll love the results.