Good company

The West Indies Sugar & Trading Company

We don’t just produce the world’s finest cane sugar; the way that we produce it also has a positive and sustainable impact on the local economy.

Sugar cane has been central to the way of life in Barbados since the 1600s. It has helped to shape our landscape, our island and our economy. Today, The West Indies Sugar & Trading Company is keeping that tradition alive with the production of fantastic Barbados sugar in a revitalised local industry.

We’re a joint venture operation between the Barbados Government (through the Barbados Agricultural Management Company Ltd) and the private sector. With the creation of a truly premium brand we are bringing the best of our sugar production to a worldwide audience in a way that boosts our island’s economy, preserves the environment and safeguards precious jobs. That brand is Plantation. Through it we are building a sustainable sugar industry and invite you to be part of it.

Sustainable development

Join us in making things happen. Every time you stock up on Plantation sugar you’re supporting our small local producers rather than putting money into the pockets of big multi-nationals. It takes a little more effort to produce the level of purity we demand of our sugar cane juice, but we think it’s worth it and hope you do too. Especially, when you realise this exceptional quality gives our premium brand the high export value that allows us to pay local sugar producers above typical market and Fairtrade prices. By promoting the self reliance of our independent farmers we – and you – can keep our traditional industry flourishing. So Plantation sugar doesn’t just taste great, it make you feel great too.

This sustainable development model is working. By looking at sugar in a whole new way we’re able to offer genuinely superior sugar built on our production values and the natural attributes of the only coral island still producing sugar cane – Barbados.