Beautiful Barbados

Barbados is the natural home for the world’s finest sugar cane. The island’s temperate climate, beautiful sunshine and cooling rains have been crucial factors in creating the perfect conditions for growing sugar cane since the 1600s. Today, Barbados is the only coral island that continues to produce sugar cane and the results are exquisite.

Why Barbados is perfect for our sugar?

Just as the finest wines come from regions with the perfect “terroir”, the world’s best sugar is also defined by where it’s grown. With the unique soil of a coral island and ideal climatic conditions, Barbados has established an unbeatable reputation for the quality of its sugar.

The highly alkaline soil has a distinctive combination of minerals and nutrients that help to define the aromatic taste of our sugar. Add to this the high levels of rain in the wet season, followed by prolonged dry periods that allow the sugar cane to grow and efficiently convert that growth into sucrose, and you begin to understand why Barbados is perfect for our sugar.

Even the water used in sugar cane production contributes to the uniqueness and purity of Plantation sugar, having been naturally filtered through the island’s coral.
Is it any wonder that we love Barbados?