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Oh yes, we love Barbados. It’s the reason why our sugar makes such a difference to your cooking. The island’s distinctive coral soils, gentle trade winds and a combination of beautiful sunshine and cooling rains create the perfect conditions for growing the world’s finest sugar cane. It’s no wonder that Barbados has been a haven for sugar cane plantations since the 16th century.

We can’t get enough of these idyllic conditions. When the unique terrain and warming sun have worked their magic, we select only the most exquisite sugar cane to produce the distinctive sparkling crystals of Plantation Reserve – the very best canes produce the highest purity cane juice.

The result is our deeply aromatic natural cane sugar. You’ll notice the difference immediately. It has a flavour and texture that transforms everything you use it in. So whether you’re baking with it, putting the finishing touches on pancakes, flavouring desserts, or sweetening your coffee, Plantation Reserve will leave you saying ‘Oh yes, I want some more’..